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Corrostop -15 4 In 1 Bipolar Concrete Penetrating Corrosion Inhibiting Admixture

1) What is the method of application?
CORROSTOP-15 is not a coating chemical over the rebar instead it needs to be mixed during the time laying concrete in RCC structures
2) Does the usage of Corrostop-15 have any impact on the chemical properties when used with cements, binders and super plasticizers in general?
Corrostop-15 is compatible with all types of cement, binders and super plasticizers in general and hence does not have any impact on the chemical properties.
3) Does the Corrostop-15 alter or improve the workability while laying concrete in RCC structures?
Corrostop-15 does not alter or improve the workability while laying concrete in RCC structures.
4) Was Corrostop-15 tested as per RDSO (RESEARCH DESIGNS & STANDARDS ORGANISATION) standard for Bipolar?
Yes, Corrostop-15 has undergone all the tests specified by RDSO SPECIFICATION No.M&C/PCN/126/2020 at CSIR-CECRI-Karaikudi during Phase- 2 and passed all the tests with more performance.
5) How different is Corrostop-15 different from anti corrosion chemical available in the market?
4 characteristics are formulated in a single chemical compound called “Corrostop-15” which makes it different from other Corrosion Inhibitors available in the market. Also dosage of CORROSTOP-15 per cubic meter of concrete is less and cost spent on this CORROSTOP-15 for one cubic meter of concrete is less.
  • As Corrosion Inhibitor – When used, the chemical ions in Corrostop-15 gets attracted by the Iron rebar’s and forms a thin invisible film coating over the rebar there by protecting it against rust and corrosion.
  • As Water Proofing – When used, the invisible pores in the concrete gets completely sealed and forms an impermeable layer for water
  • As a reducer of crack formation – It reduces the formation of cracks while laying concrete in RCC Roofing or Flooring
  • As a crack resistant during Interior & Exterior cement wall plastering with M-Sand
6) Why RDSO (RESEARCH DESIGNS & STANDARDS ORGANISATION, MANAK NAGAR, LUCKNOW – 226 011) - A standard organization in Indian Railways had made Bipolar concrete penetrating Corrosion Inhibiting admixture (Corrosion Inhibitors with Non Calcium Nitrite and Non Calcium Nitrate base) mandatory during the time of laying concrete over RCC structure even after one layer of coating of Anti corrosion chemical and 2 layers of Epoxy painting coating over the Iron rebar’s since 2022?
It was observed that if the brushing of anti-corrosion chemical over the Iron rebar is non uniform, chemical corrosion cells forms and agitates the formation of Corrosion process over the rebar’s which is even more dangerous to the life of RCC structures.
YES. CORROSTOP-15 has been tested at Indian Institute of Technology – Madras & at CSIR-CECRI (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – Central Electo chemical Research Institute) – Karaikudi on two Phases – Phase – I for testing “Corrosion Inhibitor” property & Phase – II for testing “Bipolar Concrete Penetrating Corrosion Inhibiting Concrete Admixture” property

SILKCOAT- 13 (Additive To Any Water-based Primer Or Acrylic Paint)

1) Is SILKCOAT-13 heat resistant chemical?
2) Does SILKCOAT-13 impacts the quality or color of the Primer or Paint?
Silkcoat-13 has PH value neutral and hence does not alter the chemical properties or the color of Primer or Paint.
3) When SILKCOAT-13 used, does it cause peel off the Primer or Paint from the walls?
4) Is Silkcoat-13 harmful to human beings?
No, it is not at all harmful to human beings and it is an echo friendly product.
5) What are the financial advantages of using Silkcoat-13?
Silkcoat-13 should always be used with 3rd grade of any water based Paint or Primer (Interior or Exterior) to get the quality of 2nd grade of paint or primer.
Since Silkcoat-13 renders extra coverage from 25% to 40%, it reduces the consumption of Paint or primer to 1/3 rd.
For Example, If the consumption of Paint or Primer with 2nd Grade paint is 300 Liters. The same coverage can be obtained in 200 Liters by using Silkcoat-13 with 3rd Grade of Paint / Primer thereby saving 100 Liters of 2nd Grade Paint/primer.
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