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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a corporate social responsibility, Laal Chemicals contributes 2.5% of every sales invoice to the welfare of the specially challenged people community and supports them in a various need. For example, Laal chemicals has been sponsoring Samarpana – Home for mentally challenged people at Kolathur, Chennai since 2017.

In these two centres children and adults from socially and weaker section are admitted and they are provided with specialized services like Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Special education, Pre-vocational and Vocational training by specially trained and highly dedicated persons.

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Samarpana - Home For Mentally Retarded

“SAMARPANA” is a society registered under the TamilNadu Societies Registration Act 1975. It was actually registered on 8th September 1995.

It was founded by Mr.B.M.SRIDHAR, Dr.R.Nanjundarao – President, Mrs.K.Bhavani – Secretary, Mrs.Joyce – Treasurer and several other Executive Members and Members.

The main object of “SAMARPANA” is to serve the society in general and the deprived sections of the society like SPASTIC and MENTALLY RETARDED, disabled, old aged, deserted women, orphans, distribute etc., in particular and to strive for the upliftment of the society, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

With a view to attain this main object of us, we have set up a goal to establish and administer special homes, training and day care centers for the Spastics and Mentally retarded, disabled children and other deprived sections of the community.


The organization was inaugurated on 2nd April 1995. As a small step towards the path leading to the above goal of us “SAMARPANA” has established the following two residential centers for the targeted community we plan to serve:

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Plot No 20,Sri Suyambulingam Nagar , Annex II, Vadaperumbakkam, Madhavaram, Chennai – 600060.


+91-9952960458 / +91-6369377109



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